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During the heroes' turn, each character must complete the following phases during his activation in this order.

1. Recovery[edit | edit source]

If the character is Knocked Down or Stunned, he can try to recover from one of these conditions. It is not possible to recover from being Knocked Down and Stunned in one Activation. [1]

Recover from Knocked Down[edit | edit source]

If the character is Knocked Down, he will be able to rise automatically. If he has one or more adjacent enemies, he must pass an Agility Agility test in order to do it. If he suffered the Knocked Down condition in his previous activation, he will automatically pass the Agility Agility test.

If he rises, he can act normally this turn, but is Stunned and can try to recover from his next activation.

Recover from Stunned[edit | edit source]

If the Character is Stunned, he will roll 1D6. With a result of 4 or more, he will lose the condition Stunned.

2. Actions and Movement[edit | edit source]

In any order a character is allowed to move Movement and perform 1 Action and 1 Quick Action or 2 Quick Actions. This leads to these alternatives:


Examples[edit | edit source]

A hero decides to drink a potion (Quick Action), move Movement and then attack an enemy in Melee (Action).

Another hero decides to drink a potion (Quick Action), move Movement, change his weapon (Quick Action).

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Confirmed by Oscar Ibanez via Private Messaging.
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