Quick Actions

Characters may perform one Quick Action at any time during their movement Movement and then continue moving, as long as they do not run.

The following are among the most frequent Quick Actions:

  • Giving an item to an adjacent companion (the same item cannot be used by two characters during the same game turn).
  • Leaving or picking up something located in a reachable place (in one of the squares they are moving through or an adjacent one).
  • Activating a lever.
  • Opening or closing a door that gives access to an area already explored.
  • Equipping objects: if the player wants to take new objects in his hands, interchanging them with the ones he carries in his backpack (example: drawing a weapon).
  • Drinking a Potion.

A Quick Action cannot be performed if the person who intends to do it or the character who interacts with him is within an enemy's Melee Range (except drawing a weapon). See Melee Range.