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    Heroes will get Achievement Points as they perform certain Actions or feats of different kinds (described in the Achievement Card), these points will be counted for the entire group in the Achievement Counter. The Dark Player Dark Player, on the other hand, will score points according to the Fortune Points used by the heroes, in addition to those he wins by knocking out a hero (they will only be counted once, even if he is Knocked Out more than once) and the points generated each turn, precisely to press the players to finish the adventure as soon as possible. Depending on their Achievement Points and on whether they were able to complete the mission, heroes will get Experience Points with which to develop their Skills and Attributes.

    Achievements[edit | edit source]

    Increase the Achievement Points on the Achievement Counter whenever a side takes a worthy Action or a worthy event is happening.

    Heroes group's Achievements
    Points Action/Event
    +1 Slaying a Grunt enemy
    +2 Slaying an Elite enemy
    +3 Slaying a Champion enemy
    +2 Slaying the Leader
    +1 Casted or dispelling a Spell (max. 5)
    +1 Discovering a Special Element
    +1 Discovering the Main Room
    +1 Detecting a Trap
    +1 Deactivating a Trap
    +1 Finding a Secret Door
    +1 Opening a Lock
    +1 Solving a Riddle

    Dark Player's Dark Player Achievements
    Points Action/Event
    +1 Heroes spending a Fortune Point
    +1 Beginning a new Turn
    +X Slaying a Hero (X = VP of Hero)

    Achievement Counter[edit | edit source]

    During the Quest's Setup place the Dark Player and heroes markers (one for the tens and one for the units) next to the Achievement Counter. Place the Achievement card next to it too.

    DUN Achievement Counter.png

    Achievement Card[edit | edit source]

    The Achievement Card contains the list of Actions and events the players will get Achievement Points.

    DUN Achievement Card.png

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