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    Attributes (Character)

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    Name Description
    Movement Movement represents the hero's ability to move during a turn, expressed in squares.
    Strength Strength represents the character's combat ability in melee. This can be modified by the use of certain weapons.
    Combat Skill Combat Skill useful for determining the damage inflicted in melee, or for performing physical feats or carrying equipment.
    Shooting Skill Shooting Skill represents the character's ability to use throwing weapons or projectile weapons.
    Natural Armor Natural Armor this number represents the character's Natural Armor (the hardness of his skin, his resistance to blows and poisons, etc.). This attribute will be used for endurance tests.
    Armor Armor This number is obtained by adding the bonuses of the equipment he is using to the hero's Natural Armor.
    Agility Agility useful for athletic deeds such as jumping over pits or dodging active traps, as well as escaping from enemies' Melee Ranges or having advantage in combat.
    Intelligence Intelligence useful for successfully casting spells, detecting the effects of potions, solving riddles or avoiding ambushes
    Mana Mana defines the magical power that a character is capable of generating. At the beginning of a quest, each player takes the mana markers that apply to his hero and discards them as he uses them. These points are not replenished until the adventure ends and the hero has gone through a period of rest. During the campaigns, they are replenished after resting in Inns or at Home (see Rulebook page 78).
    Courage Courage necessary to face the fear produced by certain fearsome enemies, events or spells.
    Vitality Vitality reflects the physical endurance of the character, the number of wounds he can endure. If Vitality is reduced to 0, the hero is then Knocked Out (see Rulebook page 41). As a character receives Wounds, he's got less and less Vitality left. Place the wound markers next to the character to represent the Vitality points he has lost. Vitality is not replenished until after the adventure ends and the hero is able to rest. During the campaigns, they are replenished after lodging in Inns or at Home (see Rulebook pages 74 and 78)
    Dexterity Dexterity required for manual Actions such as disarming traps or unlocking locked doors. Huge creatures or those with an Intelligence below 3 can't perform Dexterity tests.
    Perception Perception essential for discovering secret doors, traps or hidden enemies, as well as for winning the Initiative in combat.
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