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    A Bestiary is a book containing factions of characters the Dark Player Dark Player may choose from when playing a quest. Each Quest can be played against each faction however, there is usually a thematically appropriate and recommended faction in Quests. Also the Leader is taken from the chosen faction.


    A faction in Dungeon Universalis is a collection of thematically coordinated characters of different levels (represented by different Value Points) and divided into the categories Grunt, Elite and Champion. Usually there are several champion opponents who are particularly suitable as Leaders of a quest.

    Common examples for factions are Great Tribe of Orcs (Orc warriors, shooters, shamans, trolls, etc.), Bandits (human, elvish or dwarven bandits, etc.), Creatures of the Night (zombies, skeletons, spirits, vampires, etc.).

    General Rules


    Two characters of the same profile may not be equipped with the same extra Skill.

    Two Weapons

    A spawning character with the Skill Two-Weapon Fighting gets a second weapon of the same type for no extra cost of RP.

    Perception and Dexterity

    All characters of a faction have a Perception Perception and Dexterity Dexterity value of 0 that may be modified by Skills and Equipment only.

    Random Spells

    The Dark Player Dark Player may choose the Lore if not specified otherwise but the Spells for each Spellcaster character will be chosen randomly.


    Characters with the skills Mount or Raging Mount may be ridden by other characters that don't exceed their own size.

    Weapon Changes

    The Specific AI behavior (ADP Artificial Dark Player only) of a Melee Fighting character that is equipped with a ranged weapon will change to Ranged Fighting.

    Creature Spawn Table

    Each faction comes with a so-called Creature Spawn Table, which decides by rolling the dice which characters the Dark Player will use and how they will be equipped. The use of the Creature Spawn Table is voluntary for a human Dark Player Dark Player (it is recommended to start with it, when you are not familiar with the game or at least the faction), whereas it is mandatory for an Artificial Dark Player Artificial Dark Player.

    Important: On the first pages of the Bestiary I there are several instruction on how to handle the factions and especially the Creature Spawn Table.

    Example of a Creature Spawn Table


    There are modifiers for the die result when using the Creature Spawn Table. The bonus cannot exceed +4.

    1D6 + following Modifiers
    Event Modifier Condition
    Large Room +1 only for Wandering Creatures, Enemy Spotted!, Special Creature
    Each 30 of Heroes Group VP +X

    Example: A group with 62 VP revealing a Large Room with an encounter of Enemy Spotted! will add a +3 to their result of 1D6.

    Game Material

    These books have been officially released until today.

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