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    The Bestiary I (officially called only Bestiary) is a book included in the Core Box of Dungeon Universalis and contains 24 factions along with 13 collections of Monsters and Animals on 58 pages.

    On the first pages of the Bestiary I are instructions on how to handle the faction and to use the Creature Spawn Table. This is described in detail within the Bestiary article too.

    Factions[edit | edit source]

    • Creatures of the Night
    • Great Orc Tribes
    • Goblin Clans
    • Northern Barbarians
    • Demons
    • Devastators
    • Hosts of Bandmor
    • Ratfolk Clans
    • Beastmen
    • Cat Folk
    • Dog Folk Clans
    • Dark Elves
    • Reptilians and Amphibians
    • Dwarven Kingdoms
    • First Elves
    • Bandits
    • Human Kingdoms
    • Pulse Empire
    • Jupiter's Sons
    • Trecians or Ares Worshipers
    • Thai-Shiang Empire
    • Kingdom of Shinto or Rising Sun
    • Corsairs
    • Fomror Clans

    Monsters and Animals[edit | edit source]

    • Fantastic Insects
    • Birds
    • Vermin
    • Reptiles
    • Canines and Felines
    • Forests, Meadows and Mountains
    • Savannah, Desert and Jungle
    • Aquatic Animals and Monsters
    • Trolls and Other Great Humanoids
    • Giants and Primevals
    • Dragons
    • Elementals and Genies
    • Miscellaneous Fantastic Creatures
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