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    Campaign & Quest Book I

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    The Campaign & Quest Book I (officially called only Campaign & Quest Book) is a book included in the Core Box of Dungeon Universalis and contains 49 Quests divided into 3 Campaigns and Independent Quests along with 27 Epic Events and a Campaign Tracking Sheet on 92 pages.

    There are also background and narrative texts on the first pages of the book.

    The Return of Raazbal (Great Campaign)

    • M1 Free the Merchants
    • M2 Rorg's Lair
    • M3 Buried Kings
    • M4 The Mirror Room
    • M5 Rescue Daniel
    • M6 The Spider's Nest
    • M7 Escort Plump
    • M8 Sneak into Thorzul
    • M9 Prison Escape
    • M10 Hunting the Great Creature
    • M11 The Crypt of the Accursed King
    • M12 Save the Governor
    • M13 The Magic Portal
    • M14 Temple Ruins
    • M15 Find the Gem of Courage
    • M16 Kill the Spy
    • M17 Lure the Beast
    • M18 Stealth and Determination
    • M19 Inside the Rock Tower
    • M20 It's Time to Face Raazbal!

    Factions used

    • Bandits
    • Bandmor's Hosts
    • Creatures of the Night
    • Northern Barbarians
    • Fantastic Insects
    • Demons
    • Devastators

    The Shiang (Campaign)

    • M21 Horse Thieves
    • M22 Defend the Emperor
    • M23 Martial Arts
    • M24 Protect the Family

    Factions used

    • Thai-Shiang Empire

    The Greenskin Threat (Campaign)

    • M25 Reach the Bridge
    • M26 Protect the Shrine
    • M27 Sabotage the Ships
    • M28 Hunting Goblins
    • M29 Revenge
    • M30 Flee!

    Factions used

    • Great Orc Tribes
    • Goblin Clans

    Independent Quests

    • M31 Orc Den
    • M32 Explore the Barrows
    • M33 Wolf Hunting
    • M34 The Bandits Den
    • M35 The House of Riddles
    • M36 Breaking into the Tower
    • M37 The Minotour's Labyrinth
    • M38 The Devastator's Attack
    • M39 Cattle-Thief Trolls
    • M40 The Fighting Pit

    Factions used

    • Great Orc Tribes
    • Creatures of the Night
    • Bandits
    • Northern Barbarians
    • Fantastic Insects
    • Devastators

    Epic Events

    • The Dead Rise!
    • Ambush!
    • Swirling Sands
    • Help!
    • Lurking Predator
    • Large Creature Spotted!
    • The Witch Hut
    • Coven
    • Wolves!
    • Giant Spiders
    • Ocean Colossus
    • It's a Fin!
    • Pirates!
    • There's Something out There!
    • Attack in the Wastelands
    • Aquatic Predators
    • Swamp Dwellers
    • Risen out from the Swamp
    • Wild Animals
    • Huge Creatures!
    • Ambush in the Rocks
    • Ambush in the River
    • Bandit Attack!
    • Defending the Town
    • Incursion!
    • Guards!
    • Break Out
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