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    Campaign & Quest Book II

    The Campaign & Quest Book II is a book that contains 52 Quests divided into 5 Campaigns and Independent Quests.

    The Nightstone (Great Campaign)[edit | edit source]

    A weary group of heroes finds a disturbing black stone that appears to be the key to finding an enormous treasure: The loot from the plundering of Edkard, the Dragon Rider, who mysteriously vanished many years ago.

    21 campaign and 4 standalone quests.

    Tales of Fangs and Claws[edit | edit source]

    3 campaign quests.

    The Lord of Spiders (Campaign)[edit | edit source]

    A strange alliance between orcs and giant spiders will lead a group of heroes into the depths of the Troll Forest and into the slopes and caves of the grey Mountains. Will they be able to find out the origin of this alliance? Spiderwebs, axes, spells, titans, caverns and deep forests

    6 campaign quests.

    The Totem Island (Campaign)[edit | edit source]

    Intricate mysteries are hidden in the mountains of this rugged island, full of fantastic insects. This nebulous island, located in the Bay of Ibram, has never had a permanent settlement. It is a hostile territory that has become the subject of many legends. Not even the first elves from Asthalien venture there and their ships keep a safe distance from the coast. However, the wizards of the White Harbors know that a stone sorcerer who inhabits the island intends to create an army of giants, but they still don't know how this army will be able to cross the sea strait to the continent.

    6 campaign quests.

    The Collector from Thamey[edit | edit source]

    A strange merchant will reward you in exchange for locating a number of rare objects in the Mountains of Doom. For those who do not know Arasca's background, these dark mountains are home to Bandmor's Kingdom, raised by uroks and demons. It is an inhospitable land, known for its deep valleys covered in obsidian and inhabited by great lizards.

    5 campaign and 7 standalone quests

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