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    There are several conditions that can have an effect on characters.


    While a character is Stunned he will have a -1 penalty to all his attributes (except Natural Armor and Vitality) and will not be able to run. The Stunned condition will normally last indefinitely, and may be cancelled in each recovery phase at the beginning of the character's activation (as indicated on Rulebook page 18).

    Example: the witch Maeliss enters a room with rarefied air that automatically stuns her. If she leaves the room, at the start of her next activation she will make the corresponding roll in her recovery phase to remove the stunned condition. On a result of 4+ in 1D6, she will remove the condition and ceased to be stunned.


    When a character has received so many wounds that he only needs one more to lose all Vitality, he will be considered Wounded (that is, when he only has 1 Vitality left). While a character is Wounded, he will have a -1 penalty to all his attributes (except Armor and Vitality) and will not be able to run. Therefore, he will have the same penalties as with Stunned, both effects being cumulative. The Wounded condition is only removed if the character recovers at least 1 Vitality point and this attribute is again above 1.

    Knocked Down

    As soon as a character or creature is Knocked Down, it will be placed lying face up and will remain in that state for the rest of the turn. He is considered to be lying on the ground.

    A Knocked Down character cannot

    A Knocked Down character will be Stunned and suffer all the penalties associated to this condition (in this case it will affect even characters usually immune to it).

    He will have no Melee Range and will not block LoS.

    If he is attacked, he will be considered to have been Attacked from Behind

    A hero who is knocked down can defend himself in the melee (the deductions for Stunned and Attack from Behind must be taken into account). [1]

    Recover from Knocked Down

    A Knocked Down character will be able to rise automatically at the beginning of his activation. If he has one or more adjacent enemies, he must pass an Agility Agility test in order to do it. If he suffered the Knocked Down condition in his previous activation, he will automatically pass the Agility test. If he rises, he can act normally this turn, but is Stunned.


    A character with the Diseased condition is regarded as suffering the effects of some disease. As long as a character has this condition, he will have the same penalties as if he were Stunned. Only potions, healing spells or healers can remove this condition.


    A character who receives damage from a poisonous attack will be considered under the effects of poisoning until the end of the quest or Epic Event. While in this state, he will have the same penalties as if Stunned. Only potions or healing spells can remove this condition.

    Cumulative Effects

    If a character suffers penalties for different and simultaneous conditions (for example, Wounded and Poisoned), these will be cumulative (i.e., in this case he would have a -2 penalty to all its attributes). The Knocked Out, Wounded and Diseased conditions are not removed at the end of a quest.


    Stationary characters are automatically hit by melee attacks. They are also more easily hit by shots and have no Melee Range.

    Knocked Out

    When a character has at least as many accumulated wounds as his Vitality (i.e., when his Vitality is reduced to 0 or below 0), he is automatically Knocked Out. If this is a character or creature controlled by the Dark Player, a mercenary or an animal, it will be removed from the game. If he is a hero, he will lie face down and do nothing else during the rest of the game.


    If a character finishes the quest affected by the Knocked Out condition, his companions can take the body with them (see "Transporting Companions" on Rulebook page 57). After finishing the quest, refer to the section "Consequences of being Knocked Out" (page 42) to determine the hero's fate.

    NOTE: during a Travel Event (not Epic Event), allies are always considered to be able to take the body with them.


    Condition Chart

    If an attacker hits his target (with a melee attack, a ranged attack or a magic projectile), in addition to the damage dice dealt he may inflict extra effects on his opponent, depending on the size of the opponent and the number of critical hits obtained. We will call these effects conditions. Check the condition chart below and apply them after resolving damage (providing target is not Knocked Out). Notice the consequences vary depending on whether you hit normally, hit with a critical or a double critical.

    Attacker’s size with respect to the defender Extra Effects
    Normal Critical Double critic

    *In attacks carried out by average size creatures against small size Leaders, this result will be without effect.

    Knocked Down

    As stated in the chart, whenever an attacker hits an equal or smaller sized opponent with a double critical (double 6), target will be Knocked Down, moving 1 space backwards as if it were a push. As you can see, larger characters or creatures can more easily cause knock-downs. It's enough for them to get a single critical hit on their roll to Knock Down smaller opponents. If the attacking creature is much larger than the defender, it will always knock him down even if he doesn't get any critics.

    If the defeated opponent cannot be pushed into an adjacent empty square, he will remain in place.


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