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    Once a target is hit, either by an accurate shot or by winning a melee combat, or by successfully casting a Spell (one which causes damage), a damage roll must be made.

    Each weapon includes the damage it can cause in its card.

    Hit[edit | edit source]

    A hit the result of winning an melee attack, passing a shooting test or successfully casting a Spell. It does not matter whether the hit will also cause damage. A hit alone can have an impact, e.g. the pushing ability of a weapon or the addition of a condition can be the result of a hit, even if this will not result in the deduction of Vitality Vitality points.

    Steady Elements[edit | edit source]

    Elements such as walls or doors will always be regarded as heavy armored by any weapons and spells used against them. These elements will not be damaged by ranged weapons (except those with the rule “Detonation” ). Additionally, combat skills are not useful when hitting these items and may not be applied.

    Damage Dice[edit | edit source]

    Each damage die will cause 1 wound to the target if it equals or exceeds target's Armor Armor. Results of 1 on a damage die will never cause a wound, regardless the modifiers applied.

    NOTE: when damage is indicated against attributes other than Armor, target will take 1 wound if the result in the die is equal to or greater than that specific attribute.

    For example: if a spell causes 5 damage dice against Courage, 5 dice will be rolled and each result that equals or exceeds the target's Courage will cause the target to lose 1 Vitality point.

    Critical Hits[edit | edit source]

    For each critical hit (each result of 6 on the roll to hit) the number of damage dice will be increased by 1.

    Example: A broadsword handled by a warrior with Strength 3 will deal 4 damage dice, because this kind of sword adds +1 damage die. In addition, if the attacker has rolled a result of 6 with one of the dice while trying to hit, he will roll 5 damage dice instead of the usual 4 with this type of weapon. If he has rolled a double 6 (double critical), he will roll 6 total damage dice in addition to any extra effects this may cause.

    Wounds and Vitality[edit | edit source]

    The total amount of damage or wounds a character can take is equal to his Vitality Vitality. Therefore, when we say that a character has lost X Vitality we will refer to the number of Wounds he has received.

    Thus, if a character has lost 3 Vitality Vitality, this is because he has received 3 Wounds. If he recovers any Vitality Vitality, he will remove the same number of wound markers from his counter.

    Creatures with an Outstanding Vitality[edit | edit source]

    You can use a wound marker and the Achievement Counter to better count the Vitality Vitality points of very powerful creatures.

    Natural Armor[edit | edit source]

    The Armor attribute before applying any modifiers derived from the equipment used represents the Natural Armor Natural Armor or Toughness that a naked body possesses against blows, attacks or any other effect that could harm it. At the same time, there are certain attacks or damages that directly affect the character's Natural Armor or Toughness, such as poisons or diseases.

    Armor (Equipment)[edit | edit source]

    Armor Armor makes it more difficult for an attack to cause damage to the wearer.

    The maximum armor attribute after modifiers (including those derived from spells) is 6.

    Weapons with +1 Armor Armor[edit | edit source]

    When trying to wound a target with an Armor of 6 using a weapon that increases target's armor in 1, roll damage as usual. If there are any dice with a result of 6, roll them again. If you get a new 6, that die will cause damage.

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