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    For every 3 accumulated XP, a hero can get one Development Point which he can invest in learning a new Spell or increasing an attribute (without exceeding the racial limits in any case). Players can accumulate XP to increase attributes that require several development points.

    Example: If an elf needs 3 Development Points to increase his Strength Strength in 1, he must accumulate 9 XP, which will provide him with the 3 development points required.

    New Heroes[edit | edit source]

    When creating a character, the player has 8 development points he may use to increase the attributes of his hero.

    Mana[edit | edit source]

    Most races have values of -/- in their Mana Mana Attribute. If they have a numerical value (+2), this indicates that 1 Development Point may be invested in increasing their initial and maximum number of Mana points Mana by 1 ( exceeding the generic limitations for wizards). They may be increased up to +2 if 2 Development Points are invested.

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