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    The doors and accesses are elements of separation between sections and do not occupy any squares. In order to be adjacent to a door and interact with it, the miniature must be placed in a square in which one of the sides is delimited by that door (players can use as a reference the lintels and arches in the illustrations of doors and accesses)

    The elf Taeral is adjacent to all the doors in the diagram. Borgron, on the other hand, is not adjacent to any of them. Note that when a character is adjacent to a door, it is because he is also adjacent to the wall where the door is located.

    Material[edit | edit source]

    A door is an overlay (1x1, 1x2) with the two states "open" and "closed". The appearance of the doors can be different (conventional door, portcullis, trapdoor ...), but the functionality is always the same.

    NOTE: as you will see, this small tile shows the open access on its front and back. You should use it as a normal closed door.

    Functionality[edit | edit source]

    As a general rule, all doors (and similar access elements) of an unexplored scenario will be closed.

    Open Doors[edit | edit source]

    Open doors do not block Line of Sight and have no direct influence on the game.

    Opened doors can be closed again with a Quick Action.

    Closed Doors[edit | edit source]

    Closed doors block each character's Line of Sight. To open a closed door that has not been opened before, a hero must perform the Opening unexplored doors Exploratory Action action. After opening a closed door to an unexplored section this section will be revelaed by the Dark Player.

    A door that has already been opened can be opened with a Quick Action.

    Variants of Closed Doors[edit | edit source]

    There are some variants of locked doors with higher protection of the section behind.

    Locked Doors[edit | edit source]

    A locked door can be opened with the Opening Locked Doors Exploratory Action action or broken open with the Breaking Doors and Chests action.

    Reinforced Doors[edit | edit source]

    A Reinforced Door is like a locked door but can only be opened with the Breaking Doors and Chests action.

    Doors with Riddles[edit | edit source]

    Like a Reinforced Door a door protected by a riddle can only be opened with an action, in this case it is an action based on intelligence called Solving Riddles Exploratory Action.

    Secret Door[edit | edit source]

    A secret door shall have the same consideration as a normal door and may be opened in the usual manner unless the Dark Player activates Obstacle cards such as "Locked Door" or "Riddle" on it.

    Secret Doors can be revealed by performing the Searching for Secret Doors Exploratory Action action.

    A Secret Door is represented by overlays (1x1, 1x2).

    Obstacles on Doors[edit | edit source]

    The Dark Player Dark Player and Artificial Dark Player Artificial Dark Player can activate Obstacle Cards on a door, if a character is

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