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    Depending on their Achievement points and on whether they were able to complete the quest, heroes will get Experience Points (XP) with which to develop their Skills and Attributes.

    Experience points are accumulated and each player decides when to invest them to improve his character (e.g. converting them to Development Points). These improvements can be made at any time between quests. That is, whenever characters are not inside a scenario.

    Using XP[edit | edit source]

    Skills[edit | edit source]

    For every 3 accumulated experience points, a hero will be able to learn a new Skill (with the usual limitations). See details.

    Development Points[edit | edit source]

    For every 3 accumulated experience points, a hero can get one development point which he can invest in learning a new spell or increasing an attribute (without exceeding the racial limits in any case). See details.

    Fortune[edit | edit source]

    For every 3 experience points accumulated, a hero can get one permanent extra Fortune point (up to a maximum of 2 Fortune points above the initial ones).

    Earning XP[edit | edit source]

    Places and Services[edit | edit source]

    Certain locations (Combat Schools, Libraries, Schools of Magic) allow Characters to earn extra experience points or learn new spells by paying a cost and investing experience points.

    Quest Rewards[edit | edit source]

    As soon as the heroes finish a quest, they will write down on their hero card or file the experience points they have gained during the quest.

    Unless another reward is indicated on the QuestSheet, standard-size adventures will award the following experience points:

    +1 if the group has completed the mission on the first attempt.

    +1 if the group has scored more Achievement points than the Dark Player.

    +1 if the hero has survived without being Knocked Out at any time, as long as the group has discovered at least twice as many sections as the number of heroes that started the Quest.

    Affecting Value Points[edit | edit source]

    As he gains experience points and invests them in improvements, his attributes and skills will increase and with them his value points.

    A hero's VPs equals 10 plus the experience points invested in evolving.

    Therefore, accumulated experience points will not be taken into account if they have not been invested.

    Example: the elf Taeral wants to increase his Strength from 3 to 4, for which he needs no less than 3 development points, according to his race card. To get 3 developmental points, Taeral needs to gain 9 experience points. He has accumulated 8 experience points and records them on his file, but they won't increase his VP until he invests them in increasing his strength. Once he invests the 9 experience points he needs, he will increase his VP by 9.

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