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    Characters can have the skill “Flying”.

    Skill[edit | edit source]

    Only characters with the Skill Flying are able to fly. The Skill is read as following:

    Flying (X): character may choose to fly at the beginning of its activation as long as he is not engaged. While flying it may move (never run) a number of spaces indicated by (X). This skill can’t be used while wearing heavy armor. A flying character can trigger traps but won’t be affected by pits or cracks. If creatures suffers the condition Wounded it won’t be able to fly. Flying is regarded as a move.

    Limitations[edit | edit source]

    A wounded character is not able to fly.

    Attacking in melee is only possible if the character is not flying.

    Movement[edit | edit source]

    While a character is flying, he will have next to him the marker that represents it.

    Flying is regarded as a move Movement, even if the character remains on the same square.

    A flying character ignores enemy Melee Ranges, difficult terrain, non-impassable obstacles, and may normally pass through (but not remain on) squares occupied by other characters. In the same way, non-flying characters can move through squares occupied by flying ones.

    In corridors, a flying character has to spend 2 Movement Movement points for each square he is advancing. [1]

    All the Agility Agility tests are automatically passed when jumping or climbing.

    In this image there are 2 sections (a room and a corridor) framed with a black border. Nariant (1), a celestial, has the skill Flying. As his own skill indicates, he can declare that he flies or descends to the ground at the start of his activation. Since he is in a corridor, he prefers to advance walking. He has a Movement Movement attribute of 5, so he advances to the Exploration Arrow and finishes his activation. After revealing the new section (a room crossed by an abyss), he declares he is flying and flies until he reaches the door, ignoring the obstacle.

    Line of Sight[edit | edit source]

    All flying characters are considered to be higher than the other characters around them. Therefore, all characters have Line of Sight to a target that is flying, unless that LoS is blocked by an impassable obstacle.

    Almost all enemies of the celestial Nariant (1) have Line of Sight to her, since the heroine has declared that she flies. The only one who has no Line of Sight is the orc (2), as the line is obstructed by the tree.

    Flying Characters as Targets[edit | edit source]

    A character attacking a flying target will have a -1 penalty to his Combat Skill Combat Skill roll.

    Shooting at a flying target will give the shooter a -1 to his Shooting Skill Shooting Skill.

    Effects on other Actions[edit | edit source]

    Melee Attack[edit | edit source]

    A flying character or creature must stop flying if he wishes to attack in melee an enemy on the ground.

    Ranged Attack[edit | edit source]

    Since flying counts as Movement Movement, even if you don't move to another square, ranged attacks always have the penalty for movement.

    Casting Spells[edit | edit source]

    Since flying counts as Movement Movement, even if you don't move to another square, casting Superior Spells is not possible while flying.

    Flying Mounts[edit | edit source]

    If a rider falls off riding on a flying creature that was currently flying, he will take twice as many damage dice.

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