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    Fortune Points represent the luck that the character has during a quest, either by chance, fate or design of the gods. These points are the ain difference between a hero and other types of creatures. Without them, a hero's life is at the mercy of a bad result or a wrong decision. At the beginning of a quest, each player will take the number of Fortune markers that corresponds to his hero and discard them as he uses them. They are replenished in the same way as Mana and Vitality are.


    Fortune Points have two different uses, applicable during quests or Travel Events:

    Avoiding a fatal blow

    A hero who has been Knocked Out due to an attack or event may immediately use a Fortune point to roll 1D6. If he rolls a result of 5 or more, the effects and damage of the attack or event are ignored. If he does not get the desired result, he can still use a second Fortune point. In that case no roll is required, and the results and damage of the attack or event are automatically ignored. In other words, if two points are spent, the effect is automatically cancelled.

    Changing the result of a roll of dice

    A hero may spend 1 fortune point to repeat the last roll he made (e.g., a critical failure), or to force an opponent to repeat his last roll. This can be done just once per roll. All the dice from that roll must be rolled again. The new result will be the final one.

    NOTE 1: during a quest, Fortune points cannot be used to modify rolls in any way when searching furniture, determining the effects of special items or objects, or when determining the type of weapons or magic objects found.

    NOTE 2: a hero's Fortune points may only be used by himself and for his own benefit. They may not be used by mercenaries or accompanying animals, not even creatures he has summoned himself.

    NOTE 3: a hero who is Knocked Out (see Rulebook page 41) may not use any of his Fortune points.

    Temporary Fortune

    If due to a Travel Event (see the chapter "Campaigns") or the effect of a special Item or object during an quest, a hero receives one or more Fortune points, these will have a temporary character and will not be recovered after being used.

    Dark Player

    The Dark Player has several copies of "Fortune" cards in his deck of Power cards. These work like Fortune Points but for his creatures. Although he may not spent this kind of Fortune Point to force the heroes to reroll one of their dice rolls.

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