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Both elements and Characters can have different heights and sizes that affect lines of sight, movements or combat.

When the term "much larger" is mentioned, it will refer to those cases in which there is a difference of at least 2 points in height or size between two creatures or elements. According to these values, a human, for example, will have an average size (2), with a height of (2), equivalent to a door or a library.

Elements[edit | edit source]

Height Example
0 Ground
1 Tables, chairs, barrels, chests
2 Wardrobes, libraries, doors
3 Large statues
4 Large trees, walls
5 Sky

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Creatures and characters may have 4 possible sizes (size and height are usually the same).

Height Name Squares Example
1 Small 1x1 goblin, halfling.
2 Average 1x1


human, elf, dwarf, Humanoids.

*In case of mounts, they can occupy 2x1 squares.

3 Large 2x2 troll, ogre.
4 Huge 2x2 giant

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