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    A Hero is a special kind of Character controlled by a Player.

    Differences from Other Characters[edit | edit source]

    Companions[edit | edit source]

    A Hero can be accompanied by a Companion (two in True Solo mode).

    Fortune Points[edit | edit source]

    A Hero has an amount of Fortune Points.

    Skills[edit | edit source]

    Only one Hero in the Heroes Group shall have the same Professional Skill at the same time.

    Equipment[edit | edit source]

    A Hero has variable Equipment and can change the whole gear at will.

    Sorcery Levels[edit | edit source]

    Spellcaster Heroes have a Sorcery Level.

    Exploratory Actions[edit | edit source]

    Only a Hero is allowed to perform Exploratory Actions Exploratory Action

    Experience Points[edit | edit source]

    A Hero collects Experience Points during the Quests and may spend them to learn new Skills, Spells or invest in Development Points.

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