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    This wiki has been closed because there have been no edits or logs made within the last 60 days. This wiki is now eligible for being adopted. To adopt this wiki please go to Requests for reopening wikis and make a request. If this wiki is not adopted within 6 months it may be deleted. Note: If you are a bureaucrat on this wiki you can go to Special:ManageWiki and uncheck the "closed" box to reopen it.

    Thank you for your interest in helping develop the Dungeon Universalis Wiki. We appreciate any help from fixing spelling mistakes to creating whole new articles.

    We have put together a few things that should help you get started and that we consider to be worth knowing and noting.

    1. Please make sure you read the agreement between Ludic Dragon Games and the Dungeon Universalis Wiki so that you know which content we can and cannot publish. We have also explained a few things further down this page.
    2. Should you make changes to existing rules, please provide your source. We know from the history of Dungeon Universalis that there were more frequent inconsistencies and that many things were discussed and clarified afterwards. However, it is important to indicate where you got the information from. It may well be that an official Ludic Dragon Games team member explained a rule in a BGG or Facebook post. Then please give this as the source. Otherwise, we will have to reverse changes to the rules in order to prevent opinions or house rules from being displayed in the wiki without being marked as "truth".
    3. Try to incorporate as few repetitions as possible. Store the information in one article in great detail and refer to the detailed one in other articles. This prevents that many articles have to be changed and that too many long passages of text are repeated.
    4. Outsource large interrelated topics from one article into a separate article. An example is the article about the Artificial Dark Player, in which e.g. the Placement of Creatures has been outsourced to a separate article. This is to prevent excessively long articles and make it easier to refer to articles that are frequently used.
    5. Link as often as necessary and as little as possible. If the term "Dark Player" appears five times in a paragraph, a link does not have to be created every time. In the next paragraph or section, however, the word should be linked again to enable easy navigation within the wiki.
    6. Use the existing templates to integrate the icons into the texts. You can easily add icons having <nowiki>{{Movement}}</nowiki> converted to Movement.

    Do not Copy & Paste everything from the Game Material

    Ludic Dragon Games has generously allowed the Dungeon Universalis Wiki to directly copy and use text and images from the rule books and other publications such as Kickstarter. In particular, this does not apply to the non-public game components themselves. The following content may not be used as images or quotes:

    • Content from the Quest Books
    • Content from the Bestiaries
    • Images and one-to-one copies of the texts on playing cards, such as Spells, Furniture, Special Elements, Relics, etc.

    You can find the exact wording of the agreement here. We urge you not to violate this agreement. Dungeon Universalis is a project that was brought to life by thousands of supporters of the Kickstarter campaigns and the exact game material is to be reserved for the backers out of respect.


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