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    Huge characters are those who have the Skill Huge.

    Movement[edit | edit source]

    When a Large or Huge creature moves, select one of the 4 squares at its base and move it as if it were an averagesized creature. However, such a creature must finish its movement Movement in an area where the 4 squares of its base are free of obstacles or other characters.

    They are able to advance through the squares occupied by much smaller rivals, having to finish their movement Movement in an empty one.

    Huge creatures will not be able to enter or remain in squares 1 square wide (including doors of that width).

    The troll (1) is Large, it can move between its skeleton ally and the table and finish its movement in the four squares with yellow shading. In his next turn he can enter the corridor of a single square of width, although it will regard it as difficult terrain. The dragon (2), which is huge, will be able to move over the elf Taeral, its enemy, and finish its movement in 4 empty squares. But it will not be able to pass through the door or enter the narrow corridor as they are both only one square wide.

    Melee Range[edit | edit source]

    Creatures of much larger size (remember that there must be a difference of at least 2 points in height or size) than their rivals, will ignore their Melee Ranges.

    A huge creature is able to engage 2 enemies instead of 1 if it is larger than these. It will be able to engage three enemies if all of them are much smaller (remember that this happens when there is a difference of at least 2 points of height or size between two characters or creatures).

    Dexterity Tests[edit | edit source]

    Huge characters (or creatures with Intelligence Intelligence below 3) cannot perform Dexterity Dexterity tests.

    Relics[edit | edit source]

    Huge characters are not allowed to use Relics.

    Multiple Attacks[edit | edit source]

    Huge Characters are not limited by the Multiple Attacks rule and may attack as often as they can in the same turn.

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