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Identifying Magic Powers and Potions

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There are certain skills that allow you to identify the powers of magic weapons (Secrets of magic) or potions (Alchemist) found during the adventure.

If the heroes find a Magic Object, Relic or Potion, they will generally not know its typology or effects unless one of them has the right skill (and passes an Intelligence Intelligence test) or they pay for the services of an expert in a town.

As long as heroes are unaware of the virtues of a Magic Object, it can be used without applying them, as its nonmagic equivalent (these objects, however, will allow their user to repeat failed breaking rolls as all magic weapons and armor do. See on Rulebook page 50). In other words, a magic broadsword can be used as an ordinary broadsword, but its user will be able to repeat failed breaking rolls.

In those cases in which heroes are able to identify the effects of a potion, 1D6 must be rolled for each potion and its typology will be shown, drawing the card with that specific potion from the Special Objects deck:

Roll 1D6
Result Potion type
1 Poison
2 Dexterity
3 Heroic
4 Strength
5 Mana
6 Healing

If there are no cards left in the deck for that type of potion, then the potion is considered to have no effect and will be discarded from the game.

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