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    Usually every quest has a boss, the so-called Leader or Quest Leader. Usually the leader is in the Main Room and the final battle begins with exploring the room. In many quests the goal is to defeat the leader.

    Setup[edit | edit source]

    The setup of the leader is different depending on whether you are playing with a human Dark Player Dark Player or an ADP Artificial Dark Player. Follow those links and read the information carefully.

    Improvement[edit | edit source]

    Human Dark Player Dark Player[edit | edit source]

    Although the Leader must have been chosen during the preparation of the game and the Reserve Points corresponding to his basic profile will have already been paid, the Dark Player will be able to pay, as soon as he decides to place him in the scenario, for any optional upgrades that he deems opportune among those included in its profile (generally new skills or improved equipment). The Leader is normally placed in the scenario's Main Room, although it is not compulsory if the Quest Sheet does not specify it.

    NOTE:​ if the Dark Player's Dark Player initial budget is not sufficient to pay for the Leader, such payment will not be made at the beginning of the game. Instead, the Dark Player Dark Player must discard all the cards he gets during the first turns until he reaches a budget sufficient to pay for the Leader. From this moment on, he will pay a number of points specified in the Leader's basic profile and continue to play his cards in the usual way.

    Artificial Dark Player Artificial Dark Player[edit | edit source]

    As indicated on the Leader behavior cards, when the heroes visualize the Main Room, after all creatures have been placed, ​for each Reserve Point above 20 ​the Dark Player has in his counter, the ​Leader ​will receive ​1 extra Vitality ​Point Vitality (and the counter will be left with 20 points). The Leader receives ​1 extra Action​ at the start of his activation for ​each hero above the second one​ (with a maximum of 2 extra Actions each turn). ​Thus, if the group is made up of 4 heroes, the scenario Leader will get 2 extra actions per turn. Players may choose to control the creatures and characters by ​rotating in the role of Dark Player Dark Player instead of using an artificial one​. If they choose to do so, only the following improvement will be applied to the Leader: When the heroes visualize the Main Room, once all creatures have been placed, for every 3 Reserve Points above 20, the Leader will get 1 extra Vitality Point Vitality.

    Leader as a Target[edit | edit source]

    Conditions[edit | edit source]

    In attacks carried out by average size creatures against small size Leaders,a single Critical Hit will be without effect.

    Spells[edit | edit source]

    Leaders are immune to any Control Spells.

    Death of a Leader[edit | edit source]

    If a Leader is Knocked Out, all Grunt level characters 6 or less squares away from him must pass a Courage Courage test or else be removed from the game. This represents they panicked and escaped or simply surrendered. They are even removed if they are already engaged with the heroes at that time.

    Looting the Leader[edit | edit source]

    After defeating the Leader, his corpse can be looted with the Searching Corpses Action.

    Placing the Leader Artificial Dark Player[edit | edit source]

    The Leader will be placed in the square designated on the Quest Sheet. If he has no defined location on the map, he will be placed, whenever possible, in a row behind the rest of his allied creatures. Within this row, he will be placed at the end that is furthest from thehero who visualized the section first (or in the square which provides him with the most advantage against him or protection from him).

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