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    Magic is only available to spellcasters, who can learn different spells according to their class and the Lore of magic they chose. At the same time, each Lore belongs to a great magic realm, depending on the type of gods that are venerated.

    Magic Realms and Lores
    Magic Realm Lores
    Elements Fire, Earth, Air, Water
    Light and Harmony Light, Blessings, Runic, Music
    Darkness Necromancy, Witchcraft, Underworld, Corruption
    Nature Nature, Tribal, Channeling, Animism

    Mana Pool

    Each spellcaster has two mana Mana for each spell learned, placed in the form of markers on the hero file. The mana pool of a spellcaster can never exceed his Intelligence Intelligence multiplied by 3.

    Limits on the Number of Casts

    A spellcaster can only cast the same spell up to a number of times according to his Sorcery Level (see below) during a quest, unless he takes a magic recovery potion. These potions, in addition to recovering mana points, allow the wizard to remove one mana marker placed on the card of a particular spell he has already cast.

    Sorcery Levels

    Based on a hero's VP, he is assigned to a Sorcery Level. These levels only apply to heroes and not to characters from the Dark Player and Mercenaries. Therefore their magic abilities are according to the heroes's level Journeyman.

    Sorcery Level (Heroes only)
    Level Minimum VP

    reaching Level

    Casting Limit Permanet Spell Duration Modifier Damage Die Modifier
    Apprentice 1 2 -1 turn -1 die
    Journeyman 18 3 - -
    Master 40 4 - -

    Any hero with the ability to cast spells will be regarded as an Apprentice until he reaches a VP of 18. As long as he is an Apprentice, he will only be able to cast each spell he knows twice per game (instead of the usual 3 times), his offensive spells will cause 1 less damage die than usual (this also includes the damage dealt by any Elementals he may summon), and the duration of his permanent effect spells will be reduced by -1.

    When a spellcaster reaches a VP of 40, he becomes a Master. Thereafter, he can cast each spell he knows 4 times per game.

    Components and Scrolls

    Spellcasters may only use one magic scroll or components for magic per turn.

    Line of Sight and Cover

    Spells require Line of Sight to their target. Cover will only be taken into account in the case of magic projectiles.

    Borgron has several nearby enemies. He has no LoS to skeleton (1). He has LoS to the other ones, though, although if he wants to cast a magic projectile, he must consider that skeleton (4) will benefit from light cover, while skeleton (3) will benefit from heavy cover.

    Casting Spells

    Casting a Spell is an Action. See Spell for details.


    Dispelling is not an Action but a Reaction.

    As soon as a spell is successfully cast, a spellcaster on the opposing side can immediately declare that he will try to dispel it, before its effects are resolved. Such dispelling will require an Intelligence Intelligence test on the part of the dispelling caster, which must exceed the total result with which the spell was cast (therefore, it will actually be an opposed Intelligence Intelligence roll). If the dispelling is successful, the spell will have no effect but will still consume the caster's mana Mana.

    Spells cannot be dispelled while within an enemy's Melee Range. Successful dispelling will require 1 mana Mana point. Characters can't try to dispel when they have no mana left.

    Only characters 8 squares or less away from the spellcaster who cast the spell or from the spell's target may try to dispel a spell.

    Line of Sight is not required.[1]

    If there are several characters with the ability to dispell a spell, each one can make an attempt in any order.[1]

    Spellcasters controlled by the ADP Artificial Dark Player will always try to dispell any spell casted.

    The sorcerer from the underworld casts a magic projectile at Shara. He passes the Intelligence test (he has a result of 7 when casting 2D6 and adds his Intelligence of 5, making a total of 12) and the spell is cast successfully. Borgron decides to try to dispel it. He rolls 2D6 and adds his Intelligence. If he exceeds the total result obtained by the sorcerer from the underworld, Borgron will manage to dispel the spell and will remove 1 mana from his mana pool.

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