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    Companions (in fact Mercenaries and Pets) are characters controlled by the player of a hero who hired the Companion. They are played like heroes but have several limitations like the fact, that they have no Fortune Points or cannot perform any Exploratory Action Exploratory Action or visualize unexplored sections.

    A hero may be accompanied by a Pet or a Mercenary, as long as he pays for the cost of their acquisition and maintenance. The cost of maintenance will be paid whenever the heroes choose to rest in an Inn or Home. If the cost of maintaining a pet or a mercenary is not paid, they will leave the group.

    A Companion that is Knocked Out will not be able to recover.

    DUN Mercenary Example.png


    A hero of a heroes' group may have only one Companion. Playing True Solo, the hero can have both a Pet and a Mercenary with him.

    There cannot be two or more Companions of the same type in the group of heroes, and they must be assigned to the hero who hired them.

    Companions may never move more than 12 squares away from the heroe they are assigned to.

    Companions don't have any own Fortune Points and cannot benefit from Fortune Points of the heroes they are assigned to.

    Companions cannot peform Exploratory Actions Exploratory Action and cannot visualize unexplored sections.

    Companions cannot use any type of consumable (potions), but a hero the group can use a Quick Action to use a consumable from their backpack to apply it on an companion. [1]

    Companions cannot generate Achievement Points for the Heroes side by defeating enemy characters, casting spells, or carry out exploratory actions successfully. Similarly, they will not give Achievement Points to DP Dark Player / ADP Artificial Dark Player upon being defeated. [1]


    Companions move and perform Actions like any other characters.

    Companions must be activated and played during the activation of the associated hero, before or after he completes it.[1]

    Knocked Out

    A Companion whose hero is Knocked Out may be assigned to another hero for the remainder of the quest. He will be removed from the group of heroes if the hero who hired or trained them loses his life.


    If a Mercenary can have several equipment options, the hero who hires him will decide the equipment himself, and this configuration will be kept for all the games the Mercenary plays. Mercenaries cannot share their belongings with the heroes, nor can they carry any treasure or found objects.

    Their maintenance cost also includes the replenishment of their own equipment. Heroes will not be able to provide them with other weapons or armor, except in those cases in which the mercenary has lost his weapon or shield during a game.

    If a mercenary loses a Courage Courage test for 3 consecutive times during a quest, he will leave the scenario.


    A mercenary with the ability to cast spells ignores the rules for Levels of Sorcery, his spells will last for the full duration and his damage rolls will not be they will be penalized, and they will always have 3 uses of all their spells.[1]


    Pets are often referred as "Animals" in the official Rulebook.

    Pets with Sharp Senses

    A hero may benefit from his pet's "Sharp Senses" skill when it is adjacent to him (if the hero already has this skill he will not benefit from it).

    During Exploration Turns, a hero may decide to move a pet during his own activation if the pet has this skill (in this case, the animal will not move independently in a different activation). Both must initiate their movement while adjacent, and keep adjacent at all times as they move, as if they were a single character. As long as they stay together, the hero will be able to benefit from his pet's "Sharp Senses" skill.

    (A) Herbod and his giant rat advance at the same time along the corridor during an Exploration Turn. In this way, the human will always benefit from the animal's "Sharp Senses" skill. (B) Herbod's rat advances (1) until it is adjacent to an Exploration Arrow. It has been lucky and has not triggered any trap. Herbod decides to advance (2) to the Exploration Arrow in order to reveal the next section. If he has to do any Perception Perception or Initiative tests as a result of this, he will be able to use his pet's skill bonus, since it is adjacent to him.

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