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    Perfidae is an expansion for Dungeon Universalis and was revealed during the Kickstarter campaign of the second printing of the game in September 2020.

    Description from the creator[edit | edit source]

    Prepare to distrust all your allies, but be forced to rely on them!

    In this mode, you make bids competing with the other players, as you try to keep the balance between cooperation and competition, creating hazards and using sabotage on order to weaken the other heroes. Heroes must cooperate to accomplish the mission and get more Achievement Points than the Dark Player, but only one of them will win: the hero with the most Achievement Points (including the secret ones!). This fully new game mode includes a deck of cards where players will find more than 60 different events that will affect them or that may be used to affect their companions at key moments (you can trip a mate while he's running away from a powerful enemy, push him into the bottom of a pit, poison the water in a fountain just before an ally drinks from it, loot the contents of a chest while no one is looking, announce that you are an infiltrated enemy when you deem the time is right...).

    Use: 3-6 players. Ideal for playing independent adventures. This great game mode will make your games hilarious and full of mistrust towards your mates. It can be played in the cooperative mode (with the Artificial Intelligence) or with a human Dark Player.

    Contents: 80 cards + DUN Perfidiae box + rules

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