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    A Pit is a kind of obstacle that can be played as a card by the Dark Player Dark Player or given by the structure of the adventure. A Pit is represented on the game board by an overlay.

    In this example (A), the skeleton warrior wants to jump over the abyss in order to be able to engage Taeral. The creature tests Agility Agility and fails, so it falls into the abyss and is eliminated. If it were a pit and the skeleton didn't die as a result of the fall, it would be placed on the square where it fell (1). In this other example (B), the skeleton wins the opposed hitting roll against Shara, managing to hit her. It doesn't do much damage, but the hero is pushed one square backwards, falling to a square on the lower floor (2), which is a fall from height 2. Shara suffers no extra damage from the fall, but is stunned since she didn't pass the Agility Agility test.

    Overcome a Pit

    There are multiple options to overcome a Pit:

    Help to overcome a Pit

    Characters may help other characters to overcome a Pit.

    Fall into a Pit

    In the event of a fall due to a failed test while performing a great jump or any other event, or by being pushed down a Pit, the character will fall on the square of the Pit where he was pushed or on the one closest to the target of his jump, and will suffer the Knocked Down condition and 1 Damage Damage die against his Natural Armor Natural Armor for each point of height he fell for example, pits cause 4 Damage Damage dice because they are considered to have a height of 4). The character will not be able to do anything else until his next turn.

    However, falls from a height of 2 or less do not cause any damage but character will be Stunned unless he passes an Agility Agility test.

    Events that throw a character into an abyss will obviously be fatal to the character and will result in him being automatically Knocked Out, with no need to roll any Damage Damage dice.


    If a character falls into a pit, his only available Action is to climb out of the pit.[1]

    If there is an enemy adjacent to a Pit, it will always penalize the roll of -1 Agility Agility (if trying to climb) or Strength Strength (if trying to help a partner) regardless of the size of the pit and on which side of it is found. [1]

    A character at the bottom of a pit cannot be declared the target of Melee Attacks and can only be attacked with projectiles from any of the squares adjacent to it, taking into account that the total distance must be add 4 squares for the difference in height. [1]

    Multiple characters can fall into the same pit and stay at the bottom in the same time. None of them will get in the way of getting out of it. [1]

    If two or more characters fall into a pit, they will [1]

    • not be able to fight or engage each other
    • will not be penalized in any way to leave the Pit
    • they don't block the Line of Sight if they are targets of weapons of projectiles from the top of the pit.

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