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    Ranged Attacks are carried out with Ranged Weapons (either projectile or throwing ones), and require the target to be within range of the weapon. Characters can't make ranged attacks while within an enemy's Melee Range.


    Counting the Distance

    The target must be within range of the attacking character's weapon. The distance is calculated by counting the number of squares from the attacker to the target (including the one in which the target is but excluding the character's square). The squares can be counted diagonally.

    The orc is 4 squares away from the elf Taeral.

    Hitting with Ranged Attacks

    In order to achieve a hit with a shot or a throw, a character must pass a Shooting Skill Shooting Skill test, applying the appropriate modifiers. That is to say, a character will be able to hit with a ranged attack when they get a result of 10 or more, once their Shooting Skill Shooting Skill and the modifiers described in this chapter have been added to the 2D6 result.

    Hitting the target usually leads to rolling for Damage.

    Blunders and Failures

    A Critical Failure (blunder) result when attacking at a distance may result in the weapon breaking. In addition, the shot or throw will automatically hit the first ally among those adjacent to the squares through which the path of the shot passed (in scenarios without squares, as it is detailed later in these rules, it is understood that the line of fire will be 1 inch wide and may affect all characters whose bases touch that strip). When in doubt, if several allies are located at the same distance from the shooter, a random character will be hit.

    If the test is failed and there is a result of 1 in one of the dice, a shot or throw targeting an enemy with an ally adjacent to them will hit that ally instead (if there are several adjacent allies, a random one will be hit). However, adjacent allies that are smaller than the target cannot be hit in this way.

    After a misfire the character's activation ends.

    The elf Taeral (1) shoots his bow at the orc (2). If he passes the Shooting test, he will manage to hit. If he fails and gets a result of 1 on one of the dice, he will hit Borgron (3) instead, who is adjacent to the orc. If the elf had a blunder result, he would hit Shara (4), as she is the first ally among all those adjacent to the arrow's trajectory (her and Borgron).



    Shooting or throwing weapons at targets behind cover suffers certain penalties (see Rulebook page 29). Shooting at characters behind light cover suffers a penalty of -1. For heavy cover, the penalty is -2.


    Shots and throws against targets at point blank range (up to 3 squares from the shooter/thrower) are not penalized. When the distance to the target is short (between 4 and 6 squares), the shot or throw suffers a penalty of -1. When the distance is medium (7 to 9 squares) the penalty is -2. When the distance is long (from 10 squares to the maximum range of the weapon), the penalty is -3.

    Most indoor shooting and weapon throwing is done at short range.

    No Extra Damage for Higher Distance Shots

    When the target is at a distance of more than half the maximum range of the weapon (except for throwing weapons), critical hits do not generate extra Damage Damage dice.

    Range Modifiers
    Range 1-3

    (Point Blank)







    Penalty 0 -1 -2 -3

    NOTE: Remember this series: 3/6/9/10+, which will mean point blank, short, medium, and long distance, respectively. Thus, the distance ranges progress by increments of 3 squares.

    DUN Ranged Distance Example 2.png

    Small Targets

    If the target is Small, the shooter suffers a -1 to their Shooting Skill Shooting Skill.

    Large and Huge Targets

    If the target is Large, the shooter gets a +1 to their Shooting Skill Shooting Skill. If it is Huge, the bonus is +2.

    Stationary Targets

    If the target is stationary, the shooter gets a +2 to their Shooting Skill Shooting Skill.

    Moving and Shooting

    Characters shooting a projectile weapon after having moved up to a half of their movement get a -1 penalty to their Shooting Skill Shooting Skill. The penalty is -2 if they moved more than half their Movement Movement. Throwing weapons suffer no penalties when the thrower is moving.

    Flying Targets

    If the target is a character or creature that is flying that turn, the shooter suffers a -1 to their Shooting Skill Shooting Skill.

    Targets more Agile than the Shooter

    A shooter suffers a -1 to their Shooting Skill Shooting Skill if the target’s Agility Agility is higher than their own.

    Attacks from Behind

    If a character attacks from the back of the target (or the target is Knocked Down), they will get +1 to their Shooting Skill Shooting Skill and the defender will not be able to use their shield.

    Taeral (1) moves one square (A) and shoots at the skeleton (2) in front of him. Taeral's enemy is at medium range but has its back turned to him. Taeral rolls 2D6, gets a 7 and adds 5 (his Shooting Skill) for a total of 12. He deducts -2 for the medium range (7 to 9 squares), -1 for having moved a square, and adds +1 for shooting from behind. The final result is 10: he hits his enemy.

    Defensive Shot

    A character armed with Ranged Weapons can react using a Defensive Shot against an enemy who moves with the intention of attacking or engaging them, as long as this move is initiated in a square to which they have Line of Sight. An additional penalty of -2 Shooting Skill is applied to this kind of shot.

    Defensive Shots aren't allowed when the target starts their movement from a position 3 or less squares away from the shooter.

    The target of a Defensive Shot must pause its movement when it is 3 squares away from the shooter. At this moment, if the shot hits and causes at least 1 wound, the target will stop its advance. Large and Huge targets will only stop their advance if the roll to hit gets a Double Critical (double 6).

    This shot cannot be fired if the weapon is in the "Reloading" position.

    A character may not make more than one Defensive Shot per turn.

    An orc is trying to attack Taeral. The elf decides to make a Defensive Shot, so he will suffer -2 to his Shooting Skill. There are no other penalties because the shot is taken when the enemy is 3 squares away from him (A).
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