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    There are different kinds of rooms that are categorized in the topic of Room. A room is always represented by a Tile. Please note that even outdoor tiles like forest or mountains are considered as "rooms".

    Corridors and Passageways[edit | edit source]

    Corridors Are represented by long tiles, generally 6x2 or 6x1 squares.

    Rooms[edit | edit source]

    Tiles of very different shapes and sizes, generally delimited by walls.

    Large rooms[edit | edit source]

    Rooms with more than 40 squares (most rooms have up to 6x6 squares). Generally there is a treasure chest adjacent to one of the walls of these rooms.

    Main Room[edit | edit source]

    it is generally a large room, and it is the most important one in the whole scenario. It is usually there where the objective that determines the success of the mission is found. It is also the place where the Quest Leader is located. There is usually one treasure chest in this room. Two if the heroes are playing a campaign.

    Empty room[edit | edit source]

    An empty room refers to those room tiles where there are no furniture or special elements.

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