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    The Safe Zone is the radius of two squares from the one where a character begins his activation or from the one where he or an ally have finished.

    If a character leaves that safe zone it can allow the Dark Player Dark Player or ADP Artificial Dark Player (by rolling the Scenario Die) to play Obstacle Cards (usually Traps).

    Example[edit | edit source]

    (A) Borgron decides to go and open the treasure chest. He places himself in an adjacent square and declares that he wants to open it, which would require a Dexterity Dexterity test to successfully manipulate the lock. However, the Dark Player activates an Obstacle card (a trap) against the dwarf as soon as he declares that he is going to try to open the chest. Borgron fails the Perception Perception test required to detect the trap and suffers the effects of its triggering, losing several Vitality Vitality points because of the damage suffered. If the trap had been placed on the ground instead, he would have had to step on the square with the trap to activate it.

    (B) Shara decides not to move during her activation, which means that an area of 2 squares around her is free of traps (she's considered to be carefully exploring the ground).

    (C) Taeral might walk until he steps on an exploration arrow and visualize the next section, but he prefers not to risk this turn and moves just 5 spaces through the safe zone created by Shara. The blue dashed lines delimit the safe zones around Borgron and Shara after finishing their activations and around Taeral at the beginning of his own one.

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