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This is the article describing a Skill. Follow the link for a list of all skill.

Using Skills[edit | edit source]

Skills can be differentiated into two types according to the way they're used: Passive and Active. Passive skills benefit the character at all times, while Active skills do not, and the character must declare that he is going to use them. During his activation or when attacked, a character may combine a maximum of 2 Active skills.

Active skills are represented on each card with the following symbol Active Skill.

For example: a hero archer cannot use his skills "Lethal Shot", "Accurate Shooting" and "Fast Shooting" in the same shot. He must choose up to two of these three Active skills when he declares that he is going to make the attack, before rolling the dice.

Categories[edit | edit source]

Natrual Skills[edit | edit source]

Nature[edit | edit source]

Natural abilities bring together options as diverse as invulnerability, resistance to spells, the ability to have poisonous attacks, greater natural toughness or sharpened senses. Certain negative aspects of some races and creatures are also included here, such as vulnerability to certain attacks or disadvantages in dark environments.

Professional Skills[edit | edit source]

Combat[edit | edit source]

They provide certain advantages during combat, both in melee or using ranged weapons. These are the skills preferred by Fighters, although some types of heroes such as Battle Wizards and even Explorers might make a good use of them.

Scholarly & Leadership[edit | edit source]

Spellcasters find here their main source of learning. Many of these skills can improve their spell casting, knowledge of magic objects, or be useful when it comes to encouraging allies.

Exploration & Subterfuge[edit | edit source]

They are especially useful during exploration turns, when the group need some experienced, skilled hands, a sharp eye or acrobatic skills to get around obstacles. Some of them can also be very useful to get the Initiative at the beginning of a combat.

Race[edit | edit source]

The Race of a character is the only way to receive Skills from the Nature category. Some races allow the learning of an extra professional skill at the moment of the character's creation.

as the heroes acquire experience, they will be able to learn

new professional skills.

Class[edit | edit source]

The Class of a character indicates of which professional categories a character may choose from when learning new Skill.

At the bottom of each professional skill card are the symbols of the classes that can learn this particular skill. If the symbol of a class is not included it means that it is impossible for a character with that class to learn it.

Maximum Number of Skills[edit | edit source]

After being created a hero will only be able to learn twice as many professional skills as his Intelligence Intelligence value.

Maximum Number of Bonuses[edit | edit source]

As a maximum, a character can get a +3 bonus on his rolls as a result of the combination of his skills.

Unique Skill per Party[edit | edit source]

Not two heroes should have the same skill unless they already start with it (because of their race or class). This can be ignored in those cases in which you wish to create a thematic hero party (a group of Elven scouts on a specific errand, for example).

Learning a new Skill[edit | edit source]

For every 3 accumulated XP, a hero will be able to learn a new skill (with the usual limitations).

The player will roll 1D6 and check the result, comparing it to the range of new skills his character can learn, which varies according to his class. In most cases only certain types of professional skills will be available (Combat, Scholarly and Leadership, Exploration and Subterfuge). He will choose a specific skill of his choice, sticking to the typology indicated by the die and observing all other restrictions (remember that, as a general rule, two heroes cannot have the same skill per class). If the previous skill that the hero learned through this system belongs to the same type that has been rolled, he can ignore the result and choose the type he prefers. He will do the same if it is not possible for him to learn any skill of the type indicated on the die.

Example: The player controlling Borgron, a Runic Master, rolls 1D6 and gets a result of 4. Therefore, he must choose one skill among the Scholarly and Leadership ones, as indicated by the learning range on the card of his class.

NOTE: Some heroes, as indicated on their race card, may also learn Nature skills. Instead of rolling 1D6 to determine the type of professional skill they will learn, they can choose as many Nature skills as they wish.

Negative Skills[edit | edit source]

Although they are very scarce, some skills are actually defects which imply certain penalties for a character (Stupid, Lost in the dark), and will be understood as negative skills, since they are rules or peculiarities that have been included in the skills list.

Dexterity & Perception[edit | edit source]

The attributes Dexterity Dexterity and Perception Perception can only be increased by learning skills giving a bonus to them.

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