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    Differnet types of Terrain will affect the movement and tests of a character.

    Occupied Squares[edit | edit source]

    A character will not be able to move through a square occupied by an enemy or an impassable obstacle. They can move through squares occupied by allies though (as long as they are not engaged in combat), but spending 1 extra movement Movement point in this case.

    No character will be able to finish his movement Movement in an occupied square.

    If most of a square is occupied by a wall, a column or some other impassable element, consider the whole square as impassable.

    Red shaded squares are always regarded as impassable.

    Difficult Terrain[edit | edit source]

    Suqares covered with slightly bad ground (rocky and uneven ground, swamp, leafy forest, waist-high flooded sections, etc.) are called Difficult Terrain.

    If a character is moving through squares with Difficult Terrain he must spend 1 extra Movement Movement point for each square with Difficult Terrain he advances.

    If a character enters or remains (not if he is moving out on normal terrain) in a square with Difficult Terrain, he suffers a -1 penalty until his next turn for the following tests[1]

    Flying characters ignore Difficult Terrain.

    The elf Taeral can advance up to 3 squares, bearing in mind that his Movement Movement attribute is 6.

    Higher Ground[edit | edit source]

    If a character advances towards a square occupied by an ascending staircase or on an element of height 1 (i.e. when he climbs to a surface with a low height), he must invest 1 extra Movement Movement point for each square he travels through in this way.[1]

    In addition, he will be regarded as being in an elevated position. This will increase the height at which the character is, for Line of Sight purposes and melee hitting modifiers.

    Example: if a human has height 2 and climbs to a table (height 1), he will be regarded as having height 3 only to the effects that we have indicated.

    Impassable Terrain and Obstacles[edit | edit source]

    A character may not pass through elements of a height equal to or greater than his own height, unless he is able to climb through them and circumvent them.

    Taeral (1) has a Movement Movement attribute of 6. He cannot cross neither the wardrobe (a), of the same height than himself (2), nor the impassable column (height 4) (b). He'll be able to move in the following ways: # Move one space diagonally and then use 2 Movement Movement points to go through the square where his ally is located (2), then continue and turn to avoid the shrine (c). # He can also move adjacent to the shrine and climb it using 1 extra Movement Movement point (the shrine has height 1). He will then use his last Movement Movement point to get down from the shrine. # He can advance bordering the wall until he gets to the same square in option 1.

    Vertical Ladders[edit | edit source]

    A character may climb or descend a vertical ladder as if making a normal Movement Movement (Running is not allowed), but the entire length of that ladder will be regarded as Difficult Terrain if he his using some object that requires at least one of his hands.

    Deep Waters[edit | edit source]

    There will be areas where the water will be so deep that it will require swimming instead of simply regarding it as Difficult Terrain.

    In deep water, only adjacent enemies can fight and only using daggers or natural weapons (claws, fangs, horns, tentacles). All non-aquatic characters will get a -1 penalty to their Combat Skill Combat Skill. Casting Spells and Dispelling is not allowed.

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