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    The Snake Island Oracle

    This will be a 10 quest campaign and was available as an add-on during the Kickstarter campaign for the second printing of Dungeon Universalis.

    The campaign assumes that you have two sea boards (reverse side of the campaign map) available. A second board is available in the add-on and in the update pack.

    Involving the Community[edit | edit source]

    The community was asked which factions shall appear in the campaign.[1]

    Regarding the survey for the adventures unlocked by Social SGs, Creatures of the Night, Demons and Corsairs have been the most voted.
    Ludic Dragon Games announced that for the rest of the independent quests that have been unlocked, they will choose the factions  keeping in mind those the community voted for. For example, they will take into consideration other factions with many votes like Goblin Tribes or Fantastic Insects.

    Controversity during the Second Kickstarter Campaign[edit | edit source]

    The campaign The Snake Island Oracle was originally announced as an exclusive part of the pledge level "Update Pack" as it was intended as a thank you for the backers of the first Dungeon Universalis campaign. [2] The update pack would give them a second Sea Board that is necessary to play the campaign. The fact that this game content would only be available to the backers of the Update Pack led to resentment in the community and prompted Ludic Dragon Games to make the campaign available as an independent add-on including a second Sea Board. [3]

    References[edit | edit source]

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