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    Dungeon Universalis contains several tiles for indoor and outdoor scenarios.


    The scenario consists of cardboard tiles that combine to form the game board. You'll see that they can be combined in multiple ways, so you'll be able to represent many different scenarios.


    Each cardboard tile is made up of several square spaces called squares. The Quest Sheet map will show those cases in which one or more squares are occupied by pieces representing furniture, traps, doors, characters, special elements, etc.

    Physical Dimensions

    A square on a Tile is on average 2.5 cm (1 inch) long and wide.


    The tiles have an alphanumeric code, which will help you to find and sort them easily. The tile number is indicated first. Then, the letter A indicates the front and the letter B indicates the back. The final lowercase letter will indicate the size of the tile, which will be one among the following:

    a) tiles with 10x8 squares

    b) 10x4 squares

    c) 6x6 squares

    d) 6x4, 4x4 squares

    e) 6x2 squares

    f) 4x2, 3x3 squares

    g) 6x1 squares

    h) 3x2 squares

    i) 2x2 squares


    A section represents a corridor or room, and is delimited by walls, doors or entrances and the very limits of the playing surface. Several tiles can form a single section when being laid adjacent.

    Notice that there are 5 different sections in this image (A, B, C, D, E), delimited by colored lines. One of them is the Main Room (E), which is that large because two tiles have been put together to make a larger room.


    Sections considered to have a roof. They correspond to subways, dungeons, castles, buildings, etc.


    These are outdoor sections. Mountain tiles, forest, desert, etc. These are large with more than 40 squares.

    Additional Tiles

    Official Kickstarter Add-On

    As an add-on to the Kickstarter campaigns, there was an extra tile package to order that contained the same tiles in the same number as those from the core box. These additional tiles can be used for your own adventures, so far no official quest has used more tiles than the ones from the core box.

    More Tiles from the same Manufacturer

    The manufacturer of the tiles is Black Scroll Games, selected pieces of which have been licensed for DUN. It can be assumed that the remaining tiles are fully compatible with Dungeon Universalis and can therefore be used very well for your own adventures.

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