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    Each game of Dungeon Universalis runs through a series of game turns, alternating between the group of players who handle the heroes and the Dark Player Dark Player.

    Usually all of the heroes make their Activations in any order, then the Dark Player Dark Player will take his one.

    Types[edit | edit source]

    A turn is always an Exploration or a Combat Turn depending if the heroes are within a combat or not.

    Exploration Turn[edit | edit source]

    When character does not have an enemy, visible or not, located in an explored area of the board and 12 squares or less away from him he is not enganged in combat and therefore taking an Exploration Turn.

    Exploratory Actions Exploratory Action can only be performed during an Exploration Turn.

    Combat Turn[edit | edit source]

    When character has an enemy, visible or not, located in an explored area of the board and 12 squares or less away from him he will be considered to be about to engage in combat.

    Exploratory Actions Exploratory Action cannot be performed during a Combat Turn.

    Heroes's Turn[edit | edit source]

    During the heroes' turn, each player activates his character and the Mercenaries or Pet that accompany him (companions have to be activated together with the hero they are bound to, before or after him).

    The order of activation will be agreed each turn according to the interests of the group.

    Once a hero has been activated, the same thing will be done with the next one, until all of them have been activated.

    During his activation, a character may perform an Action and a movement Movement. In addition to this, there are Quick Actions that can be performed at any time during or before the move.

    Dark Player's Turn[edit | edit source]

    When all the heroes' players have finished their turn, the Dark Player's turn begins, using the cards he deems appropriate and activating each of his characters in a similiar way.

    See Dark Player's Turn Dark Player and Artificial Dark Player's Turn Artificial Dark Player.

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