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    A weapon is a special kind of Equipment.


    Found weapon

    Apply this rule only when Large or Small heroes are taking part in the quest. After some type of weapon (even a magic one) is found, 1D6 must be rolled. With a result of 1, it will only be useful for Small characters. A result of 2-5 means it may be used by average size characters only. On a result of 6, it will only be suitable for Large-sized humanoid creatures (not applicable to Relics in this case).

    Minimum damage

    A character will always roll 1 damage Damage die. If he had to roll 0 dice, he would still roll 1 die, but his opponent would have his armor Armor increased by +1.

    Natural Weapons

    A character who has any natural weapons must have both hands free in order to use them.

    Flaming attack or damage

    For characters vulnerable to fire, this type of attack adds 1 extra damage Damage die.

    Two weapons

    A character may carry one weapon in each hand, but to use both during the same turn he will need the appropriate skill.

    Poisons in weapons

    Essentially, neither natural nor blunt weapons can benefit from its use. The following weapons may not be selected to gain the effects of poison:

    • Sling
    • Net
    • Fangs
    • Horns
    • Claws
    • Staff
    • Club
    • Mace
    • Hammer
    • Cavalry lance
    • Macuahuitl
    • Iron fist
    • Gladiator scissors

    Enhance to Magic Weapon

    A weapon can be temporarily upgraded to a Magic Weapon by casting a spell like "Flashing Weapon" on it. For the duration of the spell, the whole weapon is counted as a Magic Weapon and i. e. can harm characters that are vulnerable to those kind of weapons only.[1]

    Weapons by Combat

    Melee Weapon

    When fighting in

    Long Range Weapon

    Long Range Weapons are expanding the bearer's Melee Range and offer higher tactical possibilities.

    Ranged Weapon

    Ranged weapons can be one with projectiles or throwing weapons.

    Usage in Melee Combat

    A character armed with a projectile weapon will be considered unarmed if he intends to attack or defend with it in melee combat, unless the weapon indicates otherwise.

    Magic Arrows and Throwing Weapons

    If shot or thrown during a combat turn, they cannot be used again until the end of the combat (except for certain magic weapons that return to their user's hands).


    A character is considered to have the appropriate ammunition for each type of projectile weapon he uses, and the character's own cost of acquisition or maintenance includes the cost of ammunition.


    Fighting Unarmed is a special kind of "weapon". There is an Unarmed card in the weapon's deck.


    DUN Equipment Cards Sample 3.png
    DUN Equipment Cards Sample 4.png
    A detailed description of weapon cards can be found in the Equipment article.
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