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    World of Arasca (App)

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    World of Arasca is a free official companion app and is accessible from each web browser on all operating platforms (e. g. Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android) on all kind of devices like desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. The application was operated in parallel with DungeonUniversalis, whose further development has since been discontinued. Instead, all features are transferred from there to World of Arasca.

    The app allows to switch between a user interface in Spanish and English. World of Arasca supports joint gaming via a browser, although at least one player (usually the Dark Player Dark Player) must have a physical copy of the game.

    A user account is required for usage and can be created for free.

    The name of the application is derived from the name Arasca, the world in which Dungeon Universalis is set.

    In addition to the free features of World of Arasca, a subscription model was promised as part of the second Kickstarter campaign, which should include further exclusive content such as additional excklusive quests, more options for the Random Map Generator and online events. [1]

    How to Start

    Open http://worldofarasca.dungeonuniversalis.com/ with any browser and create an account for free.


    Creating Maps

    The user has the option of creating his own maps within the application with the help of the graphical user interface. allows you to create your own quests without physical material.

    In addition, new maps can be generated arbitrarily using the Random Map Generator. This not only takes over the creation of the game board but also the selection of the opposing Faction and the goal of the quest (e.g. killing the Leader or escorting a character).

    It is also possible to play these maps online with other World of Arasca users.

    Creating Maps in World of Arasca (Mobile Phone)

    Remote Play

    As soon as the user has generated a map of any type, he receives an 8-character Game Key. He can communicate this to other users who are then switched to the maps at the same time. Thus several players can participate in a game of Dungeon Universalis at the same time via World of Arasca. However, at least one player must have a physical copy of the game, as various game materials such as the Dark Player Dark Player cards are not available in the application.

    Character Management

    The app allows a large number of heroes to be generated directly supported by the application and then managed. When generating heroes, you can choose between all races, classes, skills, spells, common weapons and equipment.

    The heroes can be leveled and otherwise modified.

    Character creation in World of Arasca (Tablet)


    A list of all Skills divided into the respective categories is included and can be quickly searched and viewed while playing.

    Campaign Management

    A running campaign can be managed with the app. In addition, the Campaign Map is integrated, which allows the setting of markers, the hero group and the Danger Markers of the Dark Player Dark Player.

    Campaign Management with markers (Heroes, Custom, Dark Player) in World of Arasca (Desktop)

    Mission Maps

    This feature has been announced, but is currently (January 2021) still under development.

    All texts and maps from Campaign & Quest Book I are included in the app. The maps can be explored section by section and you can search for secret doors. This enables a largely spoiler-free game against an Artificial Dark Player Artificial Dark Player.


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